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American Power Lift Evolution: 1900-1985

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  Howdy and welcome to American Power Lift Evolution! This little website of mine is entirely non-profit and intended for educational purposes only. I've put American Power Lift Evolution up at my own expense because I love this sport and because I feel a need to pay homage to powerlifting's many forgotten legends and pioneers from way WAY back! American Power Lift Evolution also happens to be a great place to revisit the sport's origins through the pages of some of the greatest magazines ever published!

History of WeightLifting

Lifting weights can be attributed to one of the oldest forms of competition, with pronounced features of wrestling. Working with weights has become the most objective way to determine the strongest of the strong. In parallel, it was found out that people who do heavy lifting, stand out from the surrounding athletic appearance and relief muscles. With this athleticism was recognized in ancient times and still continue to enjoy worldwide fame.

Athleticism in antiquity

Striving to become stronger for early man was as natural as the need to run fast, to walk, to throw projectiles. The cult of power emerged already in the prehistoric era, as evidenced by ancient legends, myths and legends of the exploits of the heroes present in the culture of all peoples. They expressed admiration for the people, endowed with remarkable physical abilities. Often the hero was a defender of the tribe, nation, territory (See: Athletes Have, Medium Century, Modern Times, Olympic Games, Olympic Training ).

To maintain the viability of all living beings must move. This is even more true for someone with exceptional strength: no heavy loads and training, he is doomed to lose his wonderful ability. In addition to everyday stress helps develop the muscles 'play' with heavy objects, that is, classes on specific techniques. Realizing this, mankind has never left exercise, as there is historical evidence.

The first mention of anything remotely resembling a weightlifting refers to China, to the reign of Shu Dynasty (1000 l. BC). Soldiers to enroll in the army had to pass the power test.

For example, in ancient Egypt strongmen lifted a huge beam (evidence based on the ancient Egyptian drawings). Also, used to train heavy sandbags.

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